Never intergalactic biology has been so exciting!

As intergalactic biologists, players have a very important mission: cataloging and sending samples of newly discovered life forms back to the Intergalactic Institute of Natural Science (IINS). Every year, one remarkable biologist is granted the most prestigious internship in the universe.

For the first time in the history of the IINS, there is more than one contender. To resolve the situation, the finalists were sent to investigate one of the most unknown planets in the Milky Way: Earth.

You are charged with the collection and naming of these strange earth creatures, starting with these places they call “farms”. It is best to avoid alerting these so-called “farmers” and definitely stay away from the dreaded Men In Black. The success of the mission may depend upon it.

Unnamed Farm Organisms is a crazy party game of memory and reaction speed. During the game players will name (and rename) these strange creatures. The first Player to say the correct name out loud wins the card. Whoever gets the highest number of cards wins the game!

48 Organism cards, divided into 8 sets of 6 cards corresponding to different species.

8 Blank Organism cards.

1 Water marker.