Fast Food Fear




Do you dare to dine with the monsters?

Monsters at the Legoblah! swamp prefer fast food nowadays: it’s quick, convenient and you can eat some of the most disgusting junk in the world. Business is good, but customers are extremely demanding: it is highly recommended you don’t keep them waiting.

As soon as the customer’s order is in the kitchen, everyone must hurry to get it ready quickly. Having to explain to a slew of hungry customers why they haven’t got their food yet is no fun at all… Fast Food Fear is a game about a kitchen far far away led by a close-knit team of 3 to 6 cooks, engaged in a monstrous race against time.

Fast Food Fear™ is a cooperative game in real time for a close-knit team of 3 to 6 cooks: keep an eye on the hourglass and coordinate your teamwork to serve all the customers correctly and in time!

110 cards and a two-minute hourglass.